Friday, March 23, 2012

Fly Fishing: Are You A Trout Bum? A short quiz...

Whether or not Gierach first labeled us trout nuts "trout bums" is more than I know. But am pretty sure I were one long before the book hit the streets; whether or not the shoe still fits is at this late stage debatable. Anyway here's a little quiz to...ah-h test your mental stability, perhaps help you determine your chances of remaining socially acceptable...as if we really give a rat's, eh?

  1. Do you fish at least 200 days per? 
  2. Do you spend more on gear than food?
  3. Have you divorced more than one wife, citing lack of irreconsilable priorities?
  4. Is your fly rod collection worth more than your truck?
  5. Do friends constantly ask, How can you afford all that spiffy gear when you hardly ever work?
  6. Do you obsess over flies might not be the exact color naturals; your flies sport only two tails instead of 3, blah, blah, blah?
  7. Have you ever borrowed from or robbed a bank and/or sponged money off a relative or close friend to buy whatever or...perish the thought...a plane ticket to Alaska or some other spiffy destination?
  8. Have you ever slept on the ground or in the backseat rather than waste time pitching a tent...you know one more cast. 
  9. Forget skipping meals, you never miss happy/cocktail hour or that wake up cup a Joe...Right? 
  10. Have you ever missed Christmas morning round the ol' tree with wife and kids and...no you would never even think a that...of course not...I rest my case.
If you answered yes to...well, lets just say if you answered yes and/or right to even one...sorry pal ain't much hope. On the other hand pat yourself on the back cause from where I sit a whole bunch of envious, addled souls out there just a pinein' for the courage...

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