Monday, March 19, 2012

Montana Outdoors: HB1521...Here we go AGAIN!!!!

How do you spell POLITICIAN?

If your answer is P-U-B-L-I-C...E-N-E-M-Y...N-U-M-E-R-O...U-N-O take a bow. If your answer is ECO TERRORIST take a seat at the head of the class. If your answer is MAJOR A_ _ _ _ _ E...I hearby nominate you for Sainthood in the Loyal Order of Hunters, Fishermen and All Rational Thinking Regular Folks dedicated to the idea of to hell with you crooked, greedy, land grabbing, lying bastards; tis high time you drop the ideas of lining you and your rich billionaire cronies pockets and once and for all look out for the folks you once solemly swore, right hand up to GOD, to represent. Fat chance, eh?

Hey Rehberg and the rest of you clowns, listen up...25 Montana sportsman's groups oppose HB 1521 aka Wilderness and Roadless Areas Relief Act which of course would insure free reign for developers and motor heads to flat out ruin the last good country and pound the final nail in the coffin of what we all once thought of as "the Last Best Place"; 86 % of hunters polled and 83 % of fishermen oppose HB 1521 and...can you HEAR US, ARE YOU DEEF? Or just plain DO NOT GET IT? Or more to the point JUST DO NOT GIVE A RAT's ASS...

And Tester you are not off the hook either; just because you have not yet publicly jumped on the bandwagon let us not forget your so called Forest Jobs Act also takes aim on removing protections of WSAs...In other words...politicians these days don't much matter whether "Ds" or "Rs" all pretty much fit the above...So there you have it, you want our public lands as is, or you want it even more an industrial wasteland than much of it alread is...over and out....

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