Monday, March 19, 2012

Montana Outdoors: Biggest snow of the winter and a couple critter shots...

Spring officially springs day after tomorrow and wouldn't you know it along comes the biggest snow storm of the winter; 4 inches or so Saturday night and at least double that last night. Though the bare ground was nice while it lasted I doubt the snow came as much of a surprise--at least did surprise us. Last winter while not quite so brown suddenly morphed to winter white as I recollect about same time. May and much of June seemed almost strange those days didn't snow. While it feels and looks really winter-like what with yet another afternoon raging wind, the sun is still already starting to do its work; melting off what I did not shovel off, the sound of water dripping off the roof, gone from the truck and almost gone on the camper roof. Weather man says after today we should be back in the high 40s, mid-50s, even 60s in some spots...A course think on it and not much different than most late winter-early spring snow jobs, eh?

Ground squirrels been out for a week or so and while no strangers to spring snow, I'd bet they'd just as soon not...Does this guy look forlorn or what?

Gale shot this red fox vixen taking snooze in the sun; no doubt taking a much needed break from a raucous nursing brood. We sort a doubt she much gives a crap but snow or no she needs to eat so Mr. and Mrs squirrel, ya best watch out ya hear...

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