Monday, June 4, 2012

Fly Fishing: Mixed Bag...

Saturday we fished a high country crick where because of an unusually low snow pack runoff never did happen. Low and clear we started up high and fished our way down tossing nothing but a pair softhackles...#10 Orange Fish Hawk and #16 Red Ass. Both produced equally well and Gale caught one the prettiest cuttbows we've ever had the pleasure to gaze upon. Naturally the camera had somehow been left behind, sorry either ya buy it or ya don't...What can I say? Really brushy when the wind came up we decided to check out a couple more open runs lower down. And wonder of wonders, time we got there a thin caddis hatch had the trouts looking up and...And for the rest of the afternoon we had ourselves the finest dry fly blitz of the young season. Cutts such as the one above, cuttbows and a couple appeared all rainbow made for fun time. Most ranged 10-12 inches but we each got 'bows of 15-16-inches, best part of which were the spectacular aerial shows...I swear the biggun Gale hooked cleared 3-4 feet not just once but several times afore she was able to subdue the showy critter...

Yesterday we headed to the other end the county to check out a favorite brookie haunt...Found it even higher than last weekend (must got one a those ghost downpours we keep hearing about but somehow eludes dumping on Dillon?) Anyway with the crick really ripping we rigged a small black and yellow streamer and a #12 Wickam's Fancy wet on a short leader and sink-tip line...Not even close to Saturday's gangbuster event still we managed to dredge up a few...All brookies, all fat, all pretty as hell, some a might longer in the tooth so to speak, all in all another fun day in the mountains...can't beat it.

Big Hole spiked back up over 3000 past few days; leveled off again yesterday but nasty thunderboomers forecast who knows what the next several might bring? From what we've seen and heard not much fishing happening in either the Big Hole or the Beav...Like the forecast nasties who knows what that is all about? I hope to finish up the boat restoration today. Depending how the weather turns we plan to haul the camper and stay out several days...stay tuned. 

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