Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fly Fishing: Red Rock Lakes NWR

Been awhile since my last post because we spent a few days encamped on the Red Rock Lakes NWR deep in the vast and empty (as in hardly any year round residents) Centennial Valley. Mostly we went there to fish but as is typical of early June in the Montana high country (valley elevation is over 6000 feet, peaks of the Centennials 10,000 plus) the weather as often as not dictates the program. In true fashion just as we arrived dark foreboding clouds moved in over the mountains, a big wind blew up and, for all practical purposes, blew non-stop for next three days. All that first night it raged and as you can see dumped a bit of snow, a little hail and some much needed rain...hooray. (Click on any of the photos to see a larger version)

Naturally we took full advantage of the wonderful photo ops and while we did still fish, I think Gale would agree fishing sort of took a back seat at least early and late in the day when the light is best.

Wigeon Pond with the Centennials as a backdrop, storm still raging in the hills though not much besides wind and spitting hail, rain and snow down in the valley.

A hot time for shooting pix, not so hot the fishing; truth is Annie's way more into fishing than either of us.

Hell yes there's a crick in here and full a grayling too, though it pains me to admit how GD tough twas to get a hook in 'em. Yes I am talking grayling, your basic innocent, easy as hell, dumb as a stump but...Not this trip...maybe we missed something; maybe we are really too far gone to git 'er done, maybe Red Rock grayling are just smarter than most...whatever...though we spied a lot, missed quite a few, hooked and lost enough, alas not many came to hand...who knows?

Oh well, the wildlife shooting more than made up for our lack of fishing talent. Gale shot this doe, one of the few we found without babies in tow...

...And I bagged this bull...moose are always a highlight for us and much to our surprise we found several each day...Like who needs a slimy ol' grayling anyways when moose and antelopes and sandhills and...well I'll post a few more soon...you know for youins viewing pleasure...Enjoy!!!

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