Monday, March 18, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing: Field Testing...

...my new ghost net and an easy method for catching pre-spring runoff trout.

Beyond the tired, too often spewed cliche' you know "a pix is worth 1000 words" or was it...nah I got it right, what else can I say other than as advertised (obviously) the ghost net works and sure is a pretty damn thing, especially compared to the beat up ugly green net I been using for, oh say, 30 years or so...as for the really ugly black rubber boat job...well, not even worth going there so...Anyways this happens to be a real el-cheapo as landing nets, ghost or otherwise, go...Got it at Butte Walmart of all places...made by Cortland for the handsome price $19.50...true it ain't a Brodin but then is not near as heavy and sure not even close price-wise...as they say, to each his own...and for me this one's keeper.

OK, I won't hold you in suspense any longer...my super secret, hot, can't-miss pre-spring runoff (low, cold-water) method is this: To a standard floating line, rig a leader about as long as your favorite bugger chuckin stick (for what is worth mine is a first gen 9 ft. Sage graphite--like the now cast aside battle tested and well worn green net this rod really has been around the proverbial block a time or three ) tapered to 2X or 3X fluorocarbon depending on how big the trouts you might expect; bend on a Clouser (above) or a bright sparkly bugger (I live by the mantra bright day, bright fly, dark day, dark fly) or any such pattern you might have more faith. Toss whatever out there either quartering up (for deep fast current) or straight out or slightly quartering down (naturally for the slower, shallower stuff) let it swing around and...before you know trout on...or at least enjoy the many tugs, chases, boils and such as we all know happens frequently when fishing bait fish patterns. Be sure to target any deeper pockets and runs, any edges, and do not be in a hurry to strip in and re-cast...lethargic, cold trout often take awhile to make up their minds. Slow and slower usually works wonders. PS If you roll your own try tying in a hot spot. I add one to almost all my underwater patterns and since doing so have enjoyed an upswing in hook sets. Obviously the above does not and my only excuse is all the hot spot stuff  somehow failed to make the trip...old man's syndrome strikes again! 

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