Sunday, March 10, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing: Poindexter Slough

Walking the tracks to Poindexter Slough, a favorite early season fishin hole I hoped to find wall-to-wall hatching midges and rising trout...

Alas, no midges, no risers, not interested in dredging bottom, in deference to the low, clear water I added 4-feet or so 3X fluorocarbon to a 9-feet tapered leader, tied on this bright, lead-eye bugger (you know, bright day, bright fly) pitched it across to the far bank, let it swing down and across into an inviting looking green bucket, guarded by old beaver cuttings one side and a current cleaving rock the other and bingo...trout on. 

Bright sun and low flow, the hard part was finding pockets deep enough to both hold a trout and hide self. The easy part it seemed every time I managed to pull off both a willing trout was waiting to grab the bugger. Though I landed only a half-dozen or so, lost track of the many misses and the inevitable poor hook-sets fishing down results. Toss in a rather unweildy rig to cast and control and...well, what can I say. Anyway was fun. Note the nasty wound no doubt the result of a recent run-in Mr. Heron.   

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