Thursday, March 21, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing: Time to Start Rain Dancin'?

Last season was a great water year. Beaverhead and Big Hole trout and bugs responded in kind, overall one the best fishing seasons in recent years. 

But the Beaverhead, at least so far, things aren't shaping up quite so nicely. For starters low snow is nearly non-existent; especially grim in Beaverhead country. Yesterday we drove the Ermont Mine Road to the top and crossed I think two wet spots, no snow drifts and hiked around the sage looking for sage hens to harass on bare ground except for a few old, old snow drifts. Not good. The lower Grasshopper and down Dell and Lima way same story. I heard a couple days ago snow in the Centennial and Blacktail is all but non-existent. Checking Clark Canyon this morning pool sits at 75% full; inflow is 188 cfs; outflow 50cfs. Not so grim to hit the panic button but not so hot either.

On the other hand the Big Hole is sitting pretty; the basin wide average is running right around 100% of normal. Which given the area's history of cold, wet and/or snowy springs should get even better. This morning the river  at Maiden Rock is running 469 which is about 100 cfs above the long term average. The upper river is still frozen but below Wise River is open although there remains a ton of ice on the banks in most places. 

On another track, because of the sick bastard been posting way beyond lewd comments. Which I just discovered been going on for quite some time and worse apparently no way to block individuals no matter how whacked, sick, whatever. Thus yee faithful and loyal followers will no longer be able click comment and type away. No, now you must first e-mail the Administrator (me) for permission. I regret this change because truly enjoy hearing from you...Sorry just is what must be...over and out...Chuck

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