Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fly Fishing: My Fly Box

Lakes are an under-fished alternative to blown out rivers...
Like most fly addicts I carry way too many flies, way too many patterns and like most of us each winter I vow to pare down the outfit to something more manageable but...What to part with, what to keep is a dilemma I've never yet been able to quite come to grips with. While I firmly believe I believe presentation is at least 90 % of the battle. Somehow when they aren't eating my offerings, no matter how close to perfect the toss and drift I can't quite shake the nagging little voice in my head. The one keeps pounding out that old familiar tune "c'mon, admit ya foolish ol' bastard, it's the fly stupid." And so my fly box remains bloated way beyond reasonable. So over the top, the hardest part is locating the damn fly I now think might at last turn the tide in my favor.

So there you have it, the list below is yet another stab at creating order from a long chaotic career and yes, it is one a those "do as I say not as I do." Knowing full well not one of you will give the list anything more than a once over anyway here goes...

My Montana Fly Box (The Mythical Pared Down Version)

Parachute Adams/Hare's Ear; Purple Haze/Wulffs, Stimulators, etc. # 8-18
Pat’s Rubber-legs # 8 – 4
Hare’s Ear nymphs/BH/FB #8-18
Prince nymphs/BH/Psycho/ various colors # 8-14
Copper John/various colors/#14-18
San Juan Worms # 10-12.
Buggers ‘n Bunnies, green, yellow, white, orange, grey, black/yellow J.J's  # 4
Caddis dries/ various styles, Olive, Brown, #14, 16, 18
Soft Hackles/emergers, amber olive, pink, orange, peacock, red, black, PT, #14,16,18
Midges, zebra, wd40, etc. #18,20
P.Ts/BH/FB Olive, Pink, brown  #14, 16,18,20
Scuds/sow bugs pink, orange, gray # 14,16, 18
BWO split back #18, 20
Micro mayflies, green, brown #16,18
Ants/black/black, orange/orange/wet/dry/winged/ #10-18
Beetles/foam/deer hair/black/brown/green #14-20

PS, OK I no doubt missed a few but you get the idea...Right?

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