Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fly Fishing: Random Shots

Raining, article all but finished, no pencils left to sharpen, nothing much else I wanted to do why not surf the photo files says I to self? Whereupon I found these old gems hiding in a corner the computer apparently I haven't visited in awhile, that is while I do remember them now that I've seen 'em did forget somehow where the hell I might a filed 'em...Anyway here goes: Above of course is a blizzard, green as it is obviously a summer blizzard...No not snow flakes but a zillion tricos all caught up in a mating dance...one those funnel cloud-like swarms, actually.

Paul Antolosky battling, from the looks of it, a pretty hefty trout (brown, rainbow? sorry, done slipped the ol' agin' mind.

Lamar Underwood, long time pal, best editor, mentor ever, casting the Mighty Mo near Wolf Creek.  

If only a teeny-weeny bit of Kate's fishing intensity would rub off, I'm here to tell you the Boss would be a damn tough hombre to beat.
While it sure doesn't look good in the short term I remain optimistic the cricks will indeed once again flow normal-like, the bugs will hatch and actually be warm enough for lift off and the trout will once again rise...true story.

Meantime, might as well tie a few ugly flies shoot a few pretty shots, kick back and wail away..."How high's the river Mama?" Well you know...

And of course there is always the greeny to go to fixin'...seein' as she's in dry dock as we speak, her bottom all torn to pieces and expectin' the next shipment fixins any minute...might best shove her to the front burner, eh?

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