Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morels, wild gobbler chases and more...

photo by Shawn Nicewonger (click to enlarge)

Quite the haul, eh? Something on the order of 1200 plus to be exact gathered one evening and next morning by my PA pal Shawn Nicewonger and his two boys (ages 6 & 7 in case you wondered). Way to go you guys. Keep up the good work and should you run outta space you do know my address...right?

Spring gobbler hunting, Montana style (click to enlarge) photo by Greg Gibbons

Thanks to the snow gods Greg and Ray (that's Ray in the hat) and the dogs survived (barely) one those extreme spring gobbler hunts we've all experienced but nonetheless dread happening. Depending on who's telling it took 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 hours to drive the 35 miles from Ekalaka to Baker during the escape. Rumor has the pair spent one day in Greg's camper watching WWII videos but as I say just rumor...over and out...

(click to enlarge) copyright chuckngalerobbins.com

Went off to Bozangeles to rectify our defunct cell phone thanks Alltel for allowing AT&T to buy you out. Anyway on the way we decided to stop at Headwaters SP one of the many sites in our upcoming book "Birding Trails Montana" just in case you wondered...Anyway I got lucky for a change and came away with a couple keepers...to whit this chippy and the white pelican below...

White pelican/veil indicating breeding mode (click to enlarge) chuckngalerobbins.com photo

Paul Rebarchak photo/PA gobbler
(click to enlarge)
As you all know or should Montana gobblers are dunces compared to the mighty, wily ol' PA Toms one thing hard to argue when it come to extreme hunts...well, I rest my case.

Fontinalis Fin tied by Don Bastion, photo copyright The Complete Flyfisher

You all knew this, right? Just one of many, many traditonal wets popularized by the late great Ray Bergman believe it or not way back when this and many other traditional ties were our (my) go toos...Honest Injun!!!! over and out...

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